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Can't run Turrican for C64! Please help!

Hey it's me again. So After successfully getting the Amiga Turricans working, I wanted to do the same for the C64 versions, but have had no luck with it. I follow the brief guide, but the VICE emulator just doesn't respond properly with any of them. In the first Turrican, a milisecond of a screen shows then it goes back to the system prompt, saying something like:

Searching for Turrican.zip
?File not found/Low on memory error


So it looks like I might need to enter in some prompt, but not according to the guide. I tried again with the fan-made Turrican 3, but it just freezes on some blocky picture when I try to load it. To be alittle more descriptive as to what I did, I downloaded VICE, put the ROMS (downloaded from c64.com, save the Turrican 3 file) in the C64 folder, and did the auto load from there. So maybe it's just something I'm doing wrong, or I need to forget it and stick to the Amiga games (but c'mon, I'm too much a fan to give up so easily

So if anybody out there has any idea, please post away and I'll give it a shot!
Maybe you should try another Turrican-ROM, or another emulator.
Do you have the same problem with other C64 games?

This one works fine as well, but has not such a nice GUI as VICE: http://www.computerbrains.com/ccs64
Okay the link to the C64 emu you sent me works great with the roms, so thanks. My new problem is I can't get the controls to work to start the game! It's alot more complex than the Amiga emulator, and I've never used a C64 before. It allows me to "swap" ports 1 and 2, and I can change joystick controls (which I think means keyboard controls) under the "input" option, but none of responds to start the game. Pressing SPACE takes me to the scoreboard, and that's all I've really been able to do
When does people realize that the Commodore 64 (C64/C-64) DOESN'T use ROMS but DISK IMAGES??? - Commodore 64 ROMS is Cartridges, and yes, some games were made on cart, but most of the carts are utilities like Action Replay, Freeze Machine, FC (1, 2 & 3) Epyx Fastload etc...
Mr Return
I could probably think of a more fitting comparison..
Mr Return
Contra, did you change your MSN adress?

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Ricky Oh
I have the same problem... I can't start the game because the space or the joystick's fire button takes me to the scoreboard . Can you help me?
You may need to swap joysticks 1 and 2. I haven't run VICE in a while but I remember only being able to play Turrican (1 and 2) using Joystick 2.


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