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Name that turrican tune?


I was recommending turrican Soundtracks to a friend of mine, and pointing him in the direction of the bonus files page over at turrican seta, when he told me that he'd already located some Turrican stuff on the huge game soundtrack site Galbadia hotel.

so, I went and had a look. they have a full mp3 version of the T2 soundtrack, listed as Turrican II the final fight which seems to be absolutely fine.

then though, things start to get strange!

First, there's a similar Mp3 amigar rip of the turrican 1 soundtrack, which features two tracks listed as Bonus 1 and bonus 2, both of which seem to be reorchestrated versions of the ending theme, using Amigar instrumentation. where do these come from? I've never seen them in the Tfmx set I got from the bonus files.

You can find the collection at http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/2714

then, there's something even stranger! it's listed as "turrican original video game soundtrack" and appears to be a collection of remixes, including a rather odd prologue track featuring some narration about the machine. cool as it is, I have no idea what the soundtrack actually is or where it comes from, because it certainly isn't an original soundtrack to any turrican game I know. You can see for yourself at http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/2773

appologies if I'm being incredibly dim here, but these questions just got me curious.
The bonus-tracks of the first links are strange indeed.
However, I guess they are some remixes, added as a bonus by the uplaoder.

The musics of the second link sound like typical remixes by Hülsbeck himself.
The musics of the second link were released on CD years ago by Huelsbeck himself: http://www.synsoniq.de/productdetails.php?pid=5&searchtext=turrican&langchange=2

I dont know the tracks of the first Link, but they dont sound "huelsbecky" for me. I think they are remixes done by someone else.
thanks people, that clears things up reguarding the 2nd soundtrack, though raises a few questions about Galbadia's naming system for soundtracks! The Huelspeck stuff is nice though, so I don't mind.

As for the two bonus tracks on the turrican 1 collection, well I have encountered similar tracks before on various occasions with original soundtracks, ----- for example Iternal Champions on the Mega drive, but I've never heard of extra tracks like this with turrican.

Either some uploader is doing something incredibly dodgy, trying to pass of his/her own music as Huelspecks, or something else weerd has happened!
The two bonus tracks may be Huelsbeck's tests.
I found some in the T1 & T2 TFMX files, just try to listen to Subsong 32 in your TFMX player.


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