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A great Turrican CD!

Wow, listening to this was some pretty cool stuff! Yeah! Is it Chris Huelsbecks Turrican soundtrack CD? No! But that is also awesome...

It's the Shoot or Die!- The C64 Music of Turrican soundtrack CD! I had no idea this freakin existed until stumbling upon this page:


Basically, it is completely remastered C64 tracks from Turrican, Turrican II: The Final Fight, and Turrican 3 (by Smash Designs) compiled into one CD. Unlike Chris Huelsbecks CD, these ARE NOT REDONE/ORCHESTRATED in any way; just the simple C64 tracks you remember, but that isn't all a bad thing! Sometimes renditions to great music can.... well, ruin it! I only wish this could have been recorded from the much improved Amiga audio, but this is some pretty good stuff and a cool thing for any Turrican fan to own!

Not all the tracks are completely wonderful- mainly some music from Turrican 3 (which wasn't even done by Chris Huelsbeck, so you have to cut some slack). Still decent and fits into that "Turrican style" music fans generally look for. You'd know what to expect if you played the game. But hey, it's a steal for 28 tracks of Turrican goodness! Anyways, just wanted to drop by and try to give this awesome CD some recognition! You can buy from clicking the banner at the bottom of that link I sent you, or simply by going here:



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