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Top 5 Turrican Remix of all time?

Well, there are lots of good Turrican remixes out there. I recommend that everyone should listen the following list!

1.Turrican 2 World 5 by Cirdan
2.Turrican I Loader (The Machine Is Back) by LMan
3.Turrican II - Traps
4.Turrican 2 - Level 1+6 Remix by Awesome-A
5.Turrican 2 - The Wall by Zzr

What's your favorite top 5 Turrican remix?

Does the Turrican soundtrack CD by Chris Huelsbeck count?

From that:

1. Turrican Medley (obviously)
2. Walker Factory
3. Techno Dungeon
4. The Hero
5. The Desert Rocks (NOT the level 1 theme from Turrican II, for some reason this track was called this on the CD)

But Main Title (Turrican 3), Bionic Action (Turrican 3/Super Turrican), Air Combat (Turrican 3), and Climb to Survive (Turrican 3) all get honorable mentions- I'm just already sick of hearing them from playing the later Turricans with all these tunes so much! Still great though.

From the fans... I can only list a couple for I haven't heard too much yet! I'd definitely recommend DesertRemake by Mark7 (unless you've played Turrican II too much lately), Turrican Title Remix by Awesome-A, and Mr. Walker and his Factory (the latest one) by Chriz/Xtatica. Those are all great!

Thanks Cypherian I'll go check those out right now


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