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turrican chronolgy

matt g
does anybody know what order the games go in? for example i just played super turrcan 1 and 2 on the snes then played mega turrican (turrican 3) on the megadrive, however mega turrican is pretty much super turrican with only small differences... can anyone shed light on the history of his series?
Turrican 1
Turrican 2
Turrican 3 // Mega Turrican
Super Turrican
Super Turrican 2

my opinion

the story is more or less the same (evil machines comes to enslave the univerese) and you have to shoot em up! thats why we play it, eh?

i'm only in doubt about T3(MEGA) and SuperTurrican

Turrican 1 and 2 i think is clear.
and ST2 can be said the last.

just play turri1 and turri2 (on the amiga preferably, or c64).
the other turri games mentioned were NOT designed by THE MASTER (manfred trenz).

turri's "feel" is expressed by trenz's genius and huelsbeck's music.

may be a little ot, but this is my opinion...
i think st1 is pretty much like t3 and mega turrican.
Super Turrican NES was designed by the master.
apologies... didn't know that...

also, generally speaking, i'd like to see people play the ORIGINAL turri masterpiece/saga on an emulator (if one has the original games) and NOT on things like virtual console.

DON'T CHARGE US FOR OUR PASSION! the original authors already made money with the original releases. don't resell these games as if you were parasites or trolls! TURRI SHOULD BELONG TO ITS FANS, NOT YOU MANAGERIAL SLIMES!...
Virtual Console is an emulator. And the Turrican games for the Virtual Console are cheaper than on eBay, so what's the point? Turrican belongs to it's creators, don't ask people to use pirate copies.
Mr Return
i never urged anyone to get a pirated copy. you should have read my post carefully without making ridiculous assumptions in order to justify your opinion.

all i'm saying is that if i own an original game (on the snes for example) i SHOULDN'T PAY AGAIN for getting it on the virtual console. understood? i already own it!!!

also, i consider the amiga releases FAR SUPERIOR. that's why i urge people to play turri on their pcs using an amiga emulator IF they have the originals...

so, where's the problem?
So you want Nintendo to come to your home to check, if you have the original game?
why do you say that?
factor5 offers turri for downloading if you have the originals. do they come to your residense and check if you legally own them?

i repeat: i do not endorse piracy. but i also don't endorse stupidity. services like virtual console make us look like fools by asking us to pay for something we already bought!
Nintendo can not offer Turrican games for free, that would be illegal (although everything is better than Factor5's broken and probably also illegal downloads anyway). And the Virtual Console service is not asking you anything. It's just an offer, especially for people who did not yet buy the game in question.
i don't disagree.

but on the other hand, just imagine this: nintendo reaches an agreement with factor5 (surpassing the "difficulties" with thq). it's a fact that nintendo and factor5 had a "close" co-operation. nintendo offer super turrican series for free on the virtual console. everybody is happy. utopic, isn't it?

don't get me wrong on the above assumptions. how much money will they make out of super turrican? are we, the fans, just a number (profit) for nintendo managers? how about a "gift" to all those who supported the turrican series all the way?

i know that you probably disagree. after all, books like "lord of the rings" series still sell, since there are people who buy them. so, i guess you're right that there's no point in my argument.

that's why i urge people who own the original roms to run them on an emulator whilst ignoring things like virtual console. after all, this is the essence of emulation in gaming: BUY ONCE, PLAY FOREVER!
Yes, utopic, capitalism rules the world. That's nothing F5 or N specific though, they just play by the rules
Pumping money in anything Turrican helps the franchise though. And Eggie of course.


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