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Turrican2 playtime vs modern games

Mr Return
I had a discussion about the Turrican2 playtime vs modern games. If I play today through Turrican2 I am very fast because I know the game by heart.
But I remember back in 1991 the game was very hard to beat.
My question is: How many hours will need a rookie until he beats the Final Boss in Turrican2?
Mr Return
To be honest, it doesn't seem an accurate question. firstly, it will depend upon the players natural reaction speed and familiarity with the genre.

I never played turrican 3 back in the day, but recently playing it on Winuae, I was surprised to see how far I got on my first go, ----- to the end of the 2nd stage of world 1, even picking up two one ups en route. compare this to the first time I played T2 back on the amiga, when i considdered getting to the level 1 boss a big achievement, ---- of course, I was 9 years old at that point which probably makes a difference.

This seems true for any game series, familiarity of style. in my first mega man game, ---- Mmx2 on the Snes, it took me weeks to despose of my first boss, where as these days I'll expect to do it on the same day I get the game.

then in turrican as you said, there's also the exploration factor. Rushing through the levels is one thing, finding all the one ups and things is another, ---- and that does take more time.

I was stil finding new things in the first couple of levels of Hurrican, long after I originally completed them.
modern games are a completely different thing: they rely on save/load.
classic games rely on re-playability.
so you cannot have a direct comparison for playtime. it's like comparing oranges to apples.

i apologize for deviating from the topic, but how many times have you replayed a modern game from the beginning after finsishing it? compare this to golden axe or turri and you have a notion about playtime.

it reminds me of the music industry. deep purple's music is something people listen to even now. imagine how many people are going to listen to spice girls after 30 years. and compare both to beethoven. the ingredient that makes the difference is _quality_ and _target_audience_,

that's why i consider MT a genius. he achieved the right proportions (difficulty/game time/playability/fun gameplay/sandbox vs linear). now, add chris' music and you have a "cult" game, praised and played throughout eternity!

nowadays games rely on marketing and hype. this dictates a broader audience. balancing is out of the equation since the game must be "applicable" to casual gamers as well as hardcore gamers.
all gamers should be able to complete the game. imagine a casual gamer trying to finish T2 and imagine the same gamer trying to finish doom3 by saving/loading all the time.
this fact heavily affects playtime.

this is the reason i dislike wii. it's for casual gamers.
amiga classics such as turri are FOR true gamers BY true gamers. on the contrary you have sims and all this "modern" crap. see the difference? however, money makes the world go round, so...
Well said, poutsoklis.


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