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about metroidican

a VERY VERY BIG thanx to all the guys who work/worked on metroidican!

i look forward to playing it!
things for the community get better and better!

does anyone know if lukasz has in mind a next project?
i'm addicted to morgul returns (and bronko's underearth too!)

P.S: THE MASTER (MT) SHOULD BE VERY PLEASED! we long for his return - may he crush the infidels in his way like maggots!

P.P.S: if only the whole soundtrack could be available by now!!! [hehe, i'm a big fan of christian's!!! cheers mate!!!]
There is a new project, based on the old T4E- Screens- Turrican 4 ever. But we have to speak with the old producers first.
My music in Morgul Returns was a little bit unclear, not perfect. My Metroidican- Musics have a better quality. Perhaps I remix my old tracks again.
My music in Morgul Returns was a little bit unclear, not perfect

the point is that you got the feeling. this "futuretro-jarresque" feeling that huelsbeck got when composing turri's music. BUT the BIG point is that you achieved it NOT by copying huelsbeck's tracks. that's why i consider your tracks to be "overwhelming"! ihave caught myself several times listening to your tracks while coding. this mood is pretty inspiring, so kudoz to you, my friend!!
...and this is the kind of music i miss from modern games. [damn managers!!! they don't have a clue about "special" games - they're only after "cash-cow" games... such a shame...]

for me it's like being in paradise when i read a book written by isaac asimov and envisioning a space opera kind of thing where a space marine like bren mcguire fights in "exotic" planets while listening to your tracks [asimov's books have GREAT cover paintings and GREAT space-operatic plot - well, most of them!!!] ok, enough with the credits, you get the message - haha, my girlfriend was frustrated all the time!!!

if the project based on t4e comes to fruition will you be part of it, along with lukasz? it would be very interesting... modern games don't attract me anymore. to be honest, i haven't bought/played a "modern" game during the past 2 years. i prefer fanmade games. that's the only reason i boot my winblows partition nowadays! haha, gill bates owes you and the other guys a great deal!

anyway, i'm looking forward to playing metroidican and listening to its soundtrack... again, thanx for all the hard work/effort you and the other guys (including the guys who maintain the sites) put in it. it's been an honour talking to you!
Metroidican has a wide range of musics. Somewhere between Drum and Bass, Trance, Techno, Elektro (Many Elektrotracks). I used guitars, different Drumloops, new, more interesting percussions, more Effects and so on. It was a good training for me to do better and better songs.

Lukasz is on board. Ruvf, Lichking and myself too. Perhaps Bronko, Awesome_A and others. We need helping hands.

We started this week with T4E. Perhaps we can find more people to pixel new graphics, because we want fresh, new tilesets and enemies. Everyone can do musics, if he want. Or create tilesets, based on the old T4E- Screenshots on this side:


It must be not perfect. After we paint a set, we work on it a long period, and do graphics better and better. And everyone has to do something little. If no one do anything, nothing happens. And projects die (Like T4E).
That is the only way to finish great mods or games, somewhere in the future.

Lukasz is on board. Ruvf, Lichking and myself too. Perhaps Bronko, Awesome_A and others


If no one do anything, nothing happens. And projects die (Like T4E).

well said, my friend

i can write code (c/c++ for the last 10 years - it's my job)
if you need someone for coding tasks i can help (please, keep in mind that my free time is limited - but that's true for you and the other guys, i presume)

also, i have little knowledge on how to setup cinematics etc (self-taught, but i'm getting better as time goes by)
in addition, i know some bits about design (game design, plot, characters etc).

but, alas, i am not an artist. i have limited knowledge on blender and gimp (i use them for basic tasks). for sound i am totally irrelevant, but most of the time, sound/music is the main source of inspiration.
Unfortunately, i don't know any pixel artist.

look, i know that since the 2d engine is in place, i cannot contribute much. but if i can code something for you, please let me know. also, if there are basic tasks on the tile sets or other static gfx and you think that i can be helpful (and not push you back), i would be glad to try...

Just wanted to say congratulations on metroidican, it's a fantastic job. It's also a thought i had back when i first played super Metroid, ---- so it's absolutely fantastic that it's now been done!

Morgul Returns has some very nice tracks (the nest is a personal favourite), but I think metroidican has topped even those.

I'll certainly be looking forward to the next level pack, it sounds great!
I'm really sorry i can't do anything to help myself, but I know nothing about coding, but this is just to point out that the huge amount of work everyone puts in on the level packs is deffinately very much appreciated!
Sorry Guys,
The problem is, that this is not the final version you can play in our levelbase. There is no final video insert, and some of the last changings and levels are not included, too.
Bronko released Metroidican 2 days before the official Release Date. So please wait a little bit, and I hope we can integrate all new changings in the next and last update.

Then you can download the package once again, replace the Folders and play the final version.
The last update is ready!


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