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Optimal Amiga hardware to emulate with WinUAE for Turrican games / Bugs & glitches inherent to the games


Firstly, many, many thanks for all those heaps of interesting and useful Turrican-related information and resources to be found here as well as on the fellow Turrican sites

I'd like to ask what your experiences on running Turrican games (especially 1 and 2) on various Amiga systems emulated in WinUAE are (notably on higher-end ones, like A1200 or A4000).

I realize that it is considered safest (and is therefore generally recommended) to use the most common A500 model (KS 1.3, full OCS chipset, 512KB ChipRAM + 512KB SlowRam). However, short but noticable slowdowns do occur at moments when a lot is going on onscreen, and as far as I'm able to recall those happen on a real A500 as well, so they would be related to the performance of the game within a certain Amiga hardware setup, rather than lacking performance of the emulator within the host system.

My point is to try to gather some knowledge on how to eliminate these performance issues (if possible) by emulating more powerful Amiga hardware, but without introducing any compatibility problems which would trigger glitches, freezes or errors of any other kind, thus attempting to achieve the best possible experience with the Amiga Turrican titles.

I am using the following IPF images:

Turrican 1: 1023KB MD5: 654E52BEC1555AB3802C21F6EA269E64
Turrican 2: 1088KB MD5: 17ABF9D8D5B2AF451897F6DB8C7F4868
Turrican 3: 1065KB MD5: E471C215D5C58719AEEC1172B6E2B0E5

I am assuming any model to be emulated at highest compatibility settings (apart from emulating collisions at full level, as I haven't heard any Turrican game would require this; if somone heard otherwise, I'm all ears).

Please post any info on configurations of emulated Amiga hardware you know as causing problems with the Turrican games (preferably using CAPS images only, for obvious reasons; unless you have good grounds to assert the issue in question cannot simply be associated with a bogus disk image).

Also, please share your knowledge on any bugs or glitches which seem to occur in the games even if a perfect copy is run on the theoretically safest system (for instance, I'm still not sure whether it is normal that powerup blocks / items dissapear in Turrican 1 when you scroll the screen only a short distance away and instantly move back where they were, or if I'm experiencing some glitches :/)

Lastly, if you happened to notice any performance improvements (i.e. elimination of slowdowns inherent to running the games on, say, an A500) achieved by emulating more powerful Amiga hardware, please share your findings as well.

Again, herzliche Gruesse, and thanks for your time
Well, no-one replied until now, and now that I did some research on this myself, I think I know why (however, you could just have dropped a line like "don't bother, it's no good at all " )...

Starting off with the A4000 config, Turrican 1 proved to be rather unplayable, racing like berserk to the title screen and hanging itself up subsequently. Oh well...

Disappointed, I tried the basic A1200 config next - here, all seemed totally fine at first; however, this happiness lasted no longer than up to the first vertical scrolling level (3-1), where I was hailed welcome with some rather prominent graphical glitches, resembling garbaged tiles in the background (interestingly enough, I seem to have heard of folks who played Turrican 1 & 2 on A1200s and did not point out any problems). Oh well, again...

After these results, I did not proceed to bother with testing other hardware configs, or even launch to T2 to begin with... to top it off, I did not notice *any* performance improvement while playing on an "A1200" (still the same brief slowdown moments with exploding bosses / other situations with lotsa sprites/explosions onscreen).

So, I guess that as far as Turrican goes, the basic A500 config IS the way to go after all, and it is here to stay (at least until, if ever, emulation of newer Amiga models gets refined to the point that there's a cycle-exact mode for them as well, proven it can make any difference)...

If you'd stil like to share info on some glitches, feel free though... I'm still not certain about that stuff with the disappearing sprites (happens not only to floating items and item boxes, but also various enemies like walkers, the wave-pattern-flying-"eyes"-with-items-in-them, and others, as well as, more often than not, the blocks you can destroy with main weapon/surround... once they go offscreen, they disappear completely, even though they theoretically should still be there). I'd be really thankful if someone could shed some light on this, as my dear old Amiga is long gone, leaving me with no means to go back and see how it was on the real thing.
I can't talk for the others, but I simply don't know, how well it runs on high-end configs.

However, using whd-load should solve your problem.

(I never tried whd-load though...)
Torsten Giebl
From what i know, only Turrican 3 benefits from
using an AMIGA with a faster CPU like the A1200.

On the A500 with Turrican 3 and too many sprites on the screen,
there is a little bit flickering or blinking, but with it
running on a A1200 this should not happen.

As it was developed on an A4000, it should run on all AMIGA
Systems wether A500, A600, A1200, A400 and so on without problems.


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