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Hi there

First post, long time user
Couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to configure a controller for playing the PC version of Turrican II (the one that can be run through DOS BOX, available on the Bronko page)? I've gone into what i think is the right menu on the DOSBOX screen but since its all in German i'm not sure whether i'm doing things right.

2. Has anyone gone to the trouble of creating maps (hand drawn, or screen captures) for Hurricane & the 'Mongal Returns' T2002 clone?

When starting Turrican2, you will see a blue setup screen first.
Go there to "Eingabe Gerät" and choose "Joystick".
Then go to "Joystick kallibrieren".

First, it will ask you in German to press up and left, and fire at the same time.
Then the same with down, right and fire.
At last, just again fire without a direction.

Now the pad is calibrated, and you can start the game.

The Windows setup lets you decide to install an English version, so maybe my translation was of no use, since you can just use that menu.

Oh, and maybe this picture counts for DosBox as well: http://www.nemmelheim.de/turrican/files/t2002joy2.png

Have fun!
Works OK now, thanks a lot

I'm not sure about T2002, but you can find Hurrican maps on http://selmiak.pytalhost.com/selmiak/games/hurrican/maine.html Along with lots of other tips and such, ---- even a couple of cheat programs should you wish.
Oh right, the maps. Nobody needs T2002 maps. Cheaters always can open the levels with the editor.
Well personally I'd agree, Turrican just wouldn't be turrican if you didn't get completely lost every so often, ---- ;D.

The only thing I don't like about the large levels is the time limit, sinse I always wind up losing up to three or four lives to time while exploring, which always feels unfair. That's the one thing I use th cheats in Hurrican for, ---- removing time limit, and I wouldn't mind something similar in T2002, especially in level collections like Morgul returns where there's loads of stuff to explore.
The time limit really is a bad thing. If you ask me, it already was obsolete stuff coming from the arcade era, when Manfred Trenz put it into the original Turricans, but in T2002 they thought like "Hey, let's always have the same time limit, regardless of the level's size..."

So level designers actually have to make small enough levels (Which is about 200x200 tiles, depending on the level design), or, which is kind of lame, throw in an extra life into the main path for every kill, a player approximately will have due to the time limit.

The time should be fitted to the level, not the other way around!
Thnks for the responses guys.

I've actually completed both games so i'm not wanting the maps for a cheat, just to see if there are any secrets that i've missed (particularly with Mongal returns).

I will have a look at the level editor only i had some trouble installing it last time

Agree about the time limit issue, shame you can't set up some way of boosting the time back up by collecting diamonds like you can on Hurrican

Even in Hurrican I find myself losing out to time quite a lot for some reason, ---- hence my use of the cheats.

I felt the same way with the time limit in the original turrican games, especially in places where you really had to work around exploring complicated routes to get extra lives, ----- such as the two one ups hidden in the top left cave of level one of Turrican 2, which you couldn't actually get both of without running out of time.

If this is a general opinion about T2002, would a patch of some sort to remove or freeze time limits be at all possible?

I'm guessing not, but not knowing much about programming I thought it might be worth asking anyway.


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