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List of games similar to Turrican

Does anybody else think that there should be a list of games that are 'like' Turrican. After all, this is the 'Search For Turrican Alternatives'. Not just for older systems (which usually had at least one version of Turrican) but newer machines like the PS1/PS2/XBox/Handheld machines etc. I don't want this to be just a list of 2d games on next gen systems, but games that remind one of Turrican! So a game like Contra Shattered Soldier for PS2 may not make the list since it is nothing like Turrican (i.e. fun).

Here's what I have thought of so far:

PS2 Games:
Mega Man X8
Blowout (not a very good game but it did remind me of Turrican)

Gameboy Advance
Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission (probably the most similar and great games)
Invincible Iron Man
Mega Man Zero series
Gun Star Super Heroes
Astro Boy

PS One:
Gunner's Heaven/Rapid Reload (not release in the US sadly)
Mega Man X5/X6

So far, the GBA leads. Suggestions please!
To be honest I'd just say the mega man, gunstar and metroid series should go in as series not individual titles, ---- that's going right back to Gunstar on the Mega drive (one of the only games with a weapon similar to the surround shot), and the original Mega man titles on the Nes (imho the earlier Mega man games are far more Turrican like than the later ones, sinse the action is much quicker based on more smaller enemies on screen, ---- though I suppose that from mega man X 1 onwards the Mm series was more like Turrican 3 than turricans 1-2.

Astro boy possibly, ---- though i'm less certain as to that one given the large amount of melee attacks, total lack of exploration, and heavy emphasis on individual fights (the game seemed very heavily based on scrolling shooter levels interspersing boss fights), ---- not to say itisn't a good game, I'm just unsure as to how Turrican like it is, sinse exploration through large levels is fairly basic to the Turrican formular.
Good points all.
Mr Return
Just discovered a PS2 game called 'Crimson Sea 2'. Lots of elements similar to Turrican. Exploration, variety of weaponry and enemies. Has anyone played it?
Wonder what next gen games have a guy in a robot suit running around shooting stuff? Sorta like Turrican.
How about Halo? Guy in robot suit in a futuristic environment blowing stuff up?

How about Halo? Guy in robot suit in a futuristic environment blowing stuff up?

naaahh... halo isn't an addictive game. once you finish it (you play it because there's all this hype going on), you never touch it again. turrican is the opposite: you never get enough!
It's true, you really can't get enough! I have been playing it now for over 15 years!
Besides, the first person perspective just doesn't do it for me!
Just came across a game for the GBA called Ninja Five-O. Has some elements similar to T3, like the grappling hook and the spread shot but not really a whole lot. Fun game though.
Mr Return
I've not come across that one, but I should probably have a look as I'm a big fan of good quality side scrollers.

Just to give a random suggestion of one game I've been revisiting recently how about Kirby's funpack (released as Kirby superstar in the Us), for the Snes.

yes, I know that a fluffy pink ball who sucks in enemies is about as far from Bren Mcgire as you can get, ---- but wait a minute.

Firstly, while as in most kirby games you can suck up monsters and get their abilities, in Superstar you do not lose abilities after one hit, making it a much more energy based game, ---- like Turrican. The abilities also each have their own move set and attacks, which include chargeable lasers, 3 way throwing stars, a jet pack, and even an energy whip, ---- and that's attacks plaural, rather than one single attack which you lose immediately on getting hit as in other kirby games.

The game features a large and interesting variety of bosses, from fairly cute ones to plasma throwing robots and air ship cannons, ----- and even a flying shmup stage later on with a corresponding boss.

environment wise, things also go from cute to intreaguing as well.

Most of all, the game is hugely freeform with loads of hidden secrets, ---- one of the 6 playable games in the collection is even completely freeform like Metroid with no level divisions and the use of save rooms

While the other games I've played in the Kirby series like the original Kirby's dreamland and the two Gba titles seem to have a bit more in common with something like super Marrio world than Turrican (one hit power loss, limited weaponsand limited secrets), I'd say Kirby's funpack aka Superstar is different enough from the other Kirby games to count as Turrican like.


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