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Bosses in T2002?


While I'm really pleased that T2002 F will allow flying levels as those in Morgul returns were certainly cool, I'm slightly sad that developement has officially stopped, sinse I was hoping to eventually have more possible bosses in the game.

People have done some really amazing things with the bosses that are there using sprite eddits or making interesting arenas, ---- such as in Metroidican or underearth, but I was hoping that eventually more bosses from the Turrican games would be made available for level creation, ---- such as the Gun boss from 2-1 of T2, the Dragon, and indeed the machine itself, ---- not to mention some of the flying bosses now we have flying levels.

Is this going to be completely impossible? or does beta F contain coding for extra bosses as well as the flying levels.

I suspect not, and that bosses will have to wait for other remakes, ---- but I thought I'd ask. I admit, playing many Mega man and metroid games after I first played Turrican, has probably spoilt me slightly in terms of bosses and boss stratogy, ---- sinse obviously that's one of the things mega man games are famous for.
No, T2002F doesn't contain new bosses.
But beside flight levels, it has another interesting feature: You can configure a different tile size...

Wait, Dragon boss? Plain old T2002 has got this one. (But it just shoots standard shots, and spawns bats. No blowing you to the left and no fire blasts. But with a constant wind environment, or a conveyor belts, it feels quite similar)
And for the flying bosses, T2002 always had that eye thrower....
Ah yes, true about the dragon, though I was thinking of the floor stomping etc. Stil, that does leave extra bosses to be added, ---- particularly from Turrican 3 and it's derivations, does the alteration of tile size mean you could essentially create different bosses by simply altering the size of the current ones, or alter the character of their projectiles and enemy spawning to create different attacks (I do rathr miss the steel balls from the head boss).

If so that does sound fun.
Oh no, tiles are the "puzzle pieces" which make the level.

To change the bosses size always has been possible!
And you have seen altered projectiles already in some level packs.

However, most bosses sadly use the standard shot, so you can't change this one for a boss, or everything else would have the new projectile as well. :/

Ah fair enough, I have noticed bosses such as the head using the same projectiles so that makes sense. While I know all the levels etc are made up of tiles, I wasn't overly sure how this applied to bosses and enemies, ---- hence my question.
It isn't applied in any way...
It's just the only other new thing, that comes with T2002F.
Mr Return
Well, I'll have to look forward to turrican forever and other remakes to provide some fun bosses in a turrican game. The flying levels are rather fun though, ---- particularly nice to see more of the jetpack.
Well fair enough, and the spaceship levels are fun, ---=- actually you seem to get more freedom with vertical scrolling than with the original T2, which is nice.

It's a shame that the huge T2002 levels couldn't have more bosses, but so it goes, and I'll just have to wait for Turrican forever and other current remake projects for some fun bosses in a Turrican game.


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