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I luv you Bronko!

I finally was able to play the DOS version of Turrican II thanks to you! I heard that it was the definitive version of T2 and I wanted to play it so bad, but alas I couldn't get it running properly on DOS Box, but then you had the genius to get it working and save it in a way so people can easily access it!

While I didn't think it was the definitive version of T2, it was definitely more challenging than the Amiga version. Kinda like how in the crappy Turrican on the Genesis, you lose health faster in the DOS game, but overall I thought the graphics were better than on Amiga (except for the waterfalls in the 1st stage which weren't nearly as vibrant). All in all a great version of T2 and an even greater challenge if the Amiga game felt too easy!

I do have one question about your site. I appreciate how you have all of the C64/Amiga Turricans, but is your Turrican II actually 100% working? The reason I ask is the only two I've found on the internet either freeze right after the R-Type stage and the other doesn't let you view the ending... ofcourse I could just play the game and see for myself but I thought I'd ask here too. Thanks and I can't tell you how grateful I am to get to play the DOS Turrican II!
Oh come on, please don't thank me for the TurricanII MsDos easy setup.... It was a guy, who calls himself PSYcHoDeLiC.

To your question, I'm not sure anymore.

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