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Mr Return
With seeing the new T-all topic, I was just wondering if there was of developement being restarted. I really liked the video that was originally posted up, and the idea of environments from all three games appearing (rather like a best of collection), ---- but then there didn't seem to be any news.

appologies if this is already answered in the T-all story thread, sinse I don't speak German I'm a bit stuck there.

I also ask because it seems ages sinse someone posted a new level and it'd be interesting to know what else is in the works, ---- I know Lucas is working on his next pack and I'm very much looking forward to it, but it'd be nice to know if someone else is planning anything as well, espcially as their are lots of people like Mc monac and Nuno pesso who made a great first level then seemed to stop, ---- not to mention Tony bates of course.
then seemed to stop.
I heard that Lucas T3,5 will be released this month.

Furthermore, I will try to release T-ALL this month too. But there is just alot of work to do. Maybe there will be a delay of 1-2 weeks.

I hope the progress report helped you
Hi, yes it's me, ---- bloody forum boxes!

That's great news on both counts. I didn't know 3.5 was so close to conclusion, ---- and I didn't know T all was even stil being developed! so thanks for the update.
awesome news!!

is there a teaser or any screenshots or any tracks for t3.5 or t-all?

that would be for us as a warm-up!!! (...and it will remind us of the days when we "chased" magazines to buy for a screenshot or any news about the then-new turrican game (that would eventually be turrican 3) back in the ol' days)

cheers to all as we're looking forward to the new releases!
Creating Teasers and Screenshoots will only delay the release date.
Just wait a bit, then you can play it at all

T-ALL had some trailer but after deleting my youtube account, it has been deleted too.

All you can do is wait


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