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Yeah...its time for a new thread. Lets discuss a topic I have not seen here before.

What is your opinion about Video-Computer-Games-Related-Movies?

I've seen Quake-TheMovie now for the first time...the asf only, divx is a little bit to big for my small modem. (@Robert: Hint! Hint! Hint!)
...and I like it. Nice work...if you dont need a story.

Or the Super-Console-Wars-Flash-Animation. Great Idea...funny to watch.

The Live-Action-Movie-Thing is an other story.
OK...the first Mortal Kombat is OK...Tomb Raider was not too bad, but too hyped...and I dont want to see a version of Metroid...in my opinion it will be a failure.

But what do you think, are there other great fanart-movies...beside Turicon, of course...(Robert: Hint2! Hint2! Hint2! *g*) ?
I always enjoyed game movies. Some were bad but it was still funny to watch them.
And I want a Metroid movie...just got to finish Metroid Prime first

I blame German game mags, cause they concentrate more on movie than on game parodies on their DVDs.
Why does Spaceship Gamestar look more like the Enterprise than the Tiger's Claw?
Why does PCAction parody Lord of the Rings instead of Baldur's Gate?

But I think games will pretty much eat up the movie business in a few centuries.
People will realize that movies are only non interactive computer games. And I will run around with 0.2 km/h and tell everybody that I knew it before.
I don't think that movies will be eaten up by computer games. Non-interactive storytelling will stay important beacause this is more or less literature as well and literature will never die. There is this ancient drive in us that longs for a told story which tries to tell us something beyond the story itself.

I did not mean, movies will die. But movies have beaten books (allthough books have advantages) and computer games will beat movies.
A good computer game is literature as well and it can combine the positive aspects of books and movies. As visual appealing as a movie and as complex as a book.
You can treat movies as a genre of computer games and I guess this is pretty much what it will end up like. Movies are computer games for losers
Computer games have only one problem...they are still to new. But this problem will be solved for sure.
I think and hope that there will be movies AND Games in the future...and they should be seperated from each other. Too much movie in a game makes it slow and less "interactive". See MGS2: watch movie...watch movie...play a little bit...watch another movie...
Get me right, I like massive story in games, but dont forget: It is a Game!
On the other side...movies are made for different audience than games. Could anyone imagine a R-Type or Rez movie? Wing Commander The Movie was near to the look and the stories of the games...and it was the worst thing I ve seen for a long time...
Too much Moviegames or Gamemovies (not Fanart, Hollywood-Movies) will lead to the situation that the target-audience is larger and the content will have to be strong mainstream to reach it.
Innovations and great ideas beside the mainstream will vanish, I am afraid.
There are only a few good combinations of movie and game...Indiana Jones for example...I like the films and the games. I want story driven games and great films on big screen. Sometimes I don't want to game...I just want to sit down relax an watch...

>Sorry about my buggy English, but its the longest text I wrote in this language for years <


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