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Turrican Levelbase

Levelbase is the ultimate collection of T2002 and Hurrican levels. Feel free to download and vote for the levels. If you created a T2002 or Hurrican level by yourself or know of a level, which is not included in the Levelbase, please let us know.

If you are new to T2002 and/or the T2002 leveleditor please take note of Bronko's Installguide (also available in German) and Christian Werdehausen's leveleditor instructions (German only, sorry). Bronko is also an excellent contact for further questions about the editor.
Please consider using the T Starter to handle the level-packs.

Information about the Hurrican Editor can be found at the Hurrican website, especially in the editor section of the forum.


Bonus 1PekaroThe first additional level was released by Pekaro shortly after the release of their T2002 leveleditor.Go to comments29.08.031 205 kBytes
Rio's LevelRioGo to comments19.09.031 2289 kBytes
Dark CavePekaroGo to comments20.09.031 6 kBytes
Underground RuinsNuno PessoaGo to comments22.03.041 1169 kBytes
Z-Out LevelTony BatesGo to comments30.06.041 109 kBytes
Turri Level OneTony BatesGo to comments30.06.041 248 kBytes
TechnodungeonTony BatesGo to comments30.06.041 100 kBytes
MarschMarcelGo to comments30.06.041 1 kBytes
Beast LevelTony BatesGo to comments30.06.041 93 kBytes
McMonacMcMonacGo to comments02.07.046 189 kBytes
BronkoBronkoBronko: "My first attempt in using the T2002 level editor. Optical not the nicest thing, however I still like it's gameplay".Go to comments25.07.044 669 kBytes
T-RmxPsykkoGo to comments10.09.046 641 kBytes
BigworldChristian WerdehausenGo to comments10.10.042 1761 kBytes
FlyingTony BatesGo to comments23.10.041 102 kBytes
Z-Out Level ExpandedTony BatesGo to comments16.11.041 144 kBytes
Technodungeon ExpandedTony BatesGo to comments16.11.041 138 kBytes
DemontrainTony BatesGo to comments16.11.041 92 kBytes
Mr Walker's FactoryTony BatesGo to comments16.11.041 124 kBytes
TechnoworldChristian WerdehausenGo to comments28.11.044 10554 kBytes
T2005RuvFGo to comments18.05.058 908 kBytes
RuvFicanRuvFGo to comments12.06.055 8764 kBytes
Bronko's WalkerfactoryBronkoMeant for the official T2002 GBA version, but then Pekaro decided to use their old levels for it.Go to comments26.12.051 69 kBytes
Tower of MorgulLukasz ManiewskiGo to comments18.03.061 1240 kBytes
Morgul Returns First LevelLukasz ManiewskiGo to comments14.10.061 555 kBytes
Walker's FactoryLichkingGo to comments20.12.061 4 kBytes
Morgul ReturnsLukasz ManiewskiAfter “The Machine” was defeated many years ago, the world was born a new.
Wars have passed, and peace was restored. But an ancient evil, long unspoken among the mankind, returns and slowly restores its powers to rule again.
It is devouring the world, recreating good to evil. Only one man can stop the unspoken from restoring its evil order, only one hero can stop Morgul from returning into our world, THAT MAN IS YOU!
Go to comments24.03.0718 91768 kBytes
LevelDanielGo to comments08.08.072 11739 kBytes
Walker's RevengeDanielAdd first comment24.12.0720 44275 kBytes
Tony Bates Ultra PackTony Bates, BronkoA collection of selected previous levels by Tony Bates with added music, compiled by Bronko.Go to comments18.03.087 9451 kBytes
Sector 243DanielAdd first comment08.04.084 7165 kBytes
MetroidicanLukasz ManiewskiBringing Metroid and Turrican together!Go to comments05.11.087 56791 kBytes
AlienworldWingmanWingman: "It's just a small alien-level for coffee-brakes. Have fun! "Go to comments10.11.081 293 kBytes
AllbossesWingmanWingman: "In this linear level, where you can fight all bosses from T2002."Go to comments10.11.081 292 kBytes
Morgul Returns 2.1Lukasz ManiewskiThe newest version of MR, featuring upgraded levels and grafics. Lukasz wanted to have the old "Morgul Returns Enhanced" version deleted. So please revote here.
The very first Morgul Returns with a complete different level is still available.
Go to comments20.02.0918 221799 kBytes
UnderEarth Part2 (final)BronkoPart2 of UnderEarth. For description, see part1.Add first comment09.08.095 50328 kBytes
UnderEarth Part1 (final)BronkoEverything seemed to be quite and peaceful, but when Bren McGuire, now captain of the AvalonII, came near to planet Katakis again, the AvalonII's sensors picked up signs of high activities from deep under the planet's surface...

...Be welcome to UnderEarth! Hey you may shoot, here you may cry, but one thing is sure, here you must die...!

- 3 levels in part1, 5 levels in part2.
- Music by Ralph Weinert in one level, and musics by CZ-Tunes in 4 levels, and all around the game
- A load of new graphics in part1, nearly complete new graphics in part2
- Things you won't ecpect from the T2002 engine...
Add first comment09.08.093 23389 kBytes
sector 243 Part2 CompleteDanielAfter soldier Greg cleaned Sector 243, there was a giant explosion, and communication broke.
So McGuire is ordered to Sector 243, to look for soldier Greg.
Go to comments09.03.1021 65193 kBytes
EmiliolevelEmilioAn interpretation of TurricanII Level 1-2, with lots of secrets, including the one, which appears on the C64 only.Go to comments13.04.101 316 kBytes
T-ALLRuvFIt's T-ALL!Go to comments04.01.1119 73258 kBytes
ScrapyardRuvFBased on the Turrican 3 scrapyard.Go to comments06.02.112 13759 kBytes
Metroidican 2011Lukasz ManiewskiAn updated version of Metroidican, having several bug fixes, enlarged and therefore sometimes splitted levels.
Should it replace the old one, or remain as an alternative like now? Decide in the discussion!
Go to comments26.11.1110 67502 kBytes
Turricane 3.5 Final MissionLukasz ManiewskiThis level pack is roughly based upon Turrican 3. In the mix. Meaning the Amiga Version, Smash Design's conversion for the C64, a bit of super Turrican... This comes together with many new elements and the Turricane4Ever main sprite.Go to comments30.01.1214 150534 kBytes
Emiliolevel 2EmilioLike Emiliolevel it is an interpretation of Turrican 2's Level 1-2 - but even bigger. It includes a map, so you do not get lost.Go to comments04.03.122 2113 kBytes
Megaman - The Last Stand (Demo)ReentierMega hi!Go to comments17.04.121 29740 kBytes
Emiliolevel 3EmilioEmilio's third level additionally includes a map and an alternative sky.Go to comments28.04.121 820 kBytes
T2002 Megaman RemakeReentierMega hi!Go to comments09.06.1210 48959 kBytes
Metroidican Mission-XŁukasz ManiewskiMy latest Levelpack called "Metroidican Mission-X" is Turrican game based on Metroid 2D series tilesets and story, Just as the previous Metroidican.
And Remember!Look for secret locations and brakeball walls and flors!
Go to comments12.05.1310 94206 kBytes
Morguls LaboratoryLukasz ManiewskiGo to comments21.09.131 25437 kBytes
T2002F - Moja wersjaLukasz ManiewskiT2002 Flight Pack version by Lukasz Maniewski!
Music by Vestron Vulture
Go to comments07.01.148 100909 kBytes
Beast vs Universal SoldierLukasz ManiewskiShadow of the Beast vs. Universal Soldier by Lukasz ManiewskiGo to comments17.12.166 74305 kBytes


Secret PlanetSammyThree of the six levels are hidden. Includes a bugfix from the 10th of April 2008.Go to comments05.04.086 815 kBytes
caveman's valentineselmiakPlease visit selmiak's Hurrican pageAdd first comment05.04.082 226 kBytes
GenocideSebastian MüllenderAdd first comment05.04.081 173 kBytes
Volcano TempleThunderbirdAdd first comment05.04.081 146 kBytes
ChJees Fun Pack 1ChJeesAdd first comment05.04.082 26 kBytes
Second EmpireHurri04Add first comment03.09.084 690 kBytes
Walkers WorldDanielOne of the levels is hidden.Add first comment10.11.0810 282 kBytes