T Starter

T Starter is a tool for T2002 to handle level packs. It completely automates starting and even downloading of T2002 levelpacks and includes advanced security features to keep your T2002 directory tidy and clean even if your computer crashs while you are playing T2002.
If you are running a pre Vista Windows, you will either have to download .Net 2 or the T Starter including MiniMono listed below.

T Starter 3.0


1: First download and unpack T2002X.

T2002 download

2: Put everything included in your T Starter archive in the T2002X-directory.

3: If your T2002X-directory does not reside in your user directory right click T Starter.exe. In the compatibility tab activate the administrative rights option. Then start T Starter.exe.

4: When the T Starter is started the first time, it creates a "Bonus"-directory. You can put your level-packs in there or you can instruct the T Starter to download them. T Starter uses the Levelbase to do that.
Please do not rename your level-packs, or the T Starter will not be able to recognize which level-packs you already have.